Water Production Monitoring System​


Project objectives & Goals Objectives of implementing this system are to:

  • Automatically send all sensing data over network using WIFI connection
  • Ability to access the data from a local network or remotely over the internet as well (optional)
  • Measuring water flow using non-intrusive ultrasonic probes or magnetic flow meter
  • Measuring water conductivity and temperature through automatic sampling sub-system using small, connected tank and 2 solenoid valves to automatically fill a water sample then measure uS/CM and temperature parameter
  • Measuring water level using pressure transmitter & Air compressor
  • HMI Display local sensing data in the system box
  • A solid-state relay will be added to board to switch on/off an air compressor based on pressure scenarios provided by the customer

How it works?

Solution Architecture


Working conditions, limitations and accuracy

  • Ability to consolidate and send all collected data on server side over an ethernet connection.
  • Additional WIFI module on board to be able to access the internet over WIFI as well (optional).
  • A relay is added to board to switch on/off an air compressor based on water level increases inside the well.
  • Additional 12V 5-10A power supply is added to power the board, sensor and pump.
  • Securing sensing data is available based on customer requirement.
  • Hosting can be provided by through local network, open-source platform or private customized platform based upon customer requirements.
  • Data acquisition over internet shall provide reporting system (.xls) file format, an alarming system for a specific incidence over tweeter, adding up a friendly use interface over web-based devices or mobile application.
  • Data to be displayed on a screen monitor in filed for instantaneous measurements.
  • Electronic board housing: – IP65 rating (Dust & Waterproof).
  • Field working conditions:
  • Field temperature (0-60) °C
  • Water Level (0-300) m
  • Electrical submersible pump (ESP) depth (10-300) m

Working conditions, limitations and accuracy

  • EC Water sensor & Transmitter (Option 1)
  • Isolated modbusrtu485 EC transmitter
  • EC-Electrode 0-44000us (customizable from 2000 to 44000 uS)
  • Electrode working temperature 10 up to 50 degree.
  • Error 2% of Full scale

Monitoring Charts

Field Installation