The environment and natural resources are growth factors and key elements of quality of life and therefore we must manage them with care.

Dealing with environmental issues and was one of our core activities.

With special equipment is constantly updated with the appropriate knowledge and continuous education and training in new techniques, we undertake numerous special works.

Our contribution in this sensitive area is multi-dimensional and limited concerns:

  • Implementation methods for the construction of boreholes for the isolation of deep aquifers exploitable systems from surface aquifers - susceptible pollution (cementation, perifragmatiki piping etc.)
  • Optimum exploitation of the aquifer with facilities that meet the operating needs without affecting the permanent water supplies,
  • Piezometric boreholes and installation of quality control aquifers,
  • Drilling enrichment
  • Groundwater monitoring wells at Sanitary landfill site
  • Monitoring wells Biogas at Sanitary landfill site
  • Biogas extraction wells at Uncontrolled Disposal Site
  • Leachate collection wells in Uncontrolled Disposal Site


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