thumb_ydrogeoDuring our long-lasting presence in the particularly exigent space of water drill, we have completed with success abundance of work of particular requirements in the wider Hellenic space.

The resolution water supply and irrigation problems constitute our permanent objective.

The application of modern methods in combination with the specialized personnel and the reliable privately-owned mechanical equipment they speak for the most optimal result.

Our experience in drillings of big depth and diameter, they are certified with the manufacture of work in the particularly exigent space, because geological conditions, Crete.

The quality the delivered for use work is based on the following axes:

  • exemplary manufacture of drillings so much in rocky, what in relaxed shaping,
  • choice of most optimal materials,
  • pumping tests,
  • qualitative control of water,
  • treatment of data of pumping tests on the determination of hydrologic parameters


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